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Our Mission​

The goal of LifeLine Health is to enhance the overall health of Floridians by providing everyone access to high-quality healthcare services. We prioritize the provision of HIV, Hepatitis C, and STD support services to underserved communities in Florida and educate the next generation of healthcare providers on community-focused and patient-centered care. We strive to provide a welcoming, compassionate and supportive environment. Our approach is to exceed patients’ expectations every time.

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Why We Started

LifeLine Health offers a range of programs and services that cover the spectrum of health and human services. Our goal since inception has been focused on providing solutions for the individual’s current issue while also addressing any underlying or co-occurring factors that may be impacting their overall well-being. This is achieved through a person-centered and trauma-informed care model that is known for its clinical excellence, easy access, and innovative practices.

LifeLine Health has experienced significant growth by forming partnerships with other treatment programs that share their values and commitment to delivering high-quality services. These collaborations have been mutually beneficial, allowing all partners to improve and expand the treatment services they provide to those in need. A look at their history illustrates how this strategy has further strengthened and expanded the range of services offered by LifeLine Health in Florida.

Listen To What Our Patients Say…

Cristina Anderson

I am thankful to the nice people at Lifeline Health. I was so scared when I found out I had been exposed. They guided me and made me feel so at ease. I have not had an issues and I know it's because I went to Lifeline Health first.

Juan Bustamonte

Thankfully there are places like Lifeline Health to get tested. This place is lowering the risk for our community by educating us and providing the resources to stay healthy. They are making positive changes in the community.